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New Technologies

We believe the power of technology. Your networking experience on ItsMee is supported by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Smart, Dynamic and Sustainable Network

ItsMee suggests events to go, persons to meet, tips to develop better networks. Serves new technologies to always up to date contact info. Creates value for professionals both individuals and event organizers.

Green Solution

ItsMee saves liters of oxygen, greenhouse gases, clean water and lots of energy with every single exchange. Instead of using physical/paper business cards you can use fully digital business cards with ItsMee. You can change your info any time without new printing needs. Events saves even much more! 


We have tons of benefits

Digital business cards

Whenever you or your network change any info (e.g. job change, mobile change) ItsMee instantly updates new info. You will never lost any contact! You will never run out your card, ItsMee always be with you!

Smart contact management (SCM)

ItsMee merges duplicate contacts, create groups and shows SCM tips for better networks.

Matchmaking in events

Don’t you want to know who should you meet in events? ItsMee tells you the best matches based on your sector, interests and past meetings with the help of new technologies. 

Explore events

ItsMee tells you which events you should attend. ItsMee suggests the best events that you can enjoy the most and you can enrich your network the most. 

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For Event Organizers

  • Event Management

    ItsMee will satisfy whatever you need in your events.You can send notifications instantly, you don’t need badges anymore, you don’t need front desk anymore! You can see real time attendee entrance.

  • Event Marketing

    We bring together you and our best event attendees which fit your event perfectly. We can show physically coming probability index for potential attendees. Much more and interactive places for sponsors and exhibitors. Attendees can rate the sessions, exhibitors.

  • Event Analysis

    Attendee demographics by age, gender, sector, job title. Entrance time graphics. Networking habits graphics. Attendee satisfy informations. Attendee funnel which shows invites and real attendance. Sustainable attendee contact info. Savings of Oxygen, clear water, energy, gas and much more metrics.

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